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Supporting Pupils In-School to Re-engage, Adapt, Learn & Thrive 

Our specialist schools programme provides creative and therapeutic solutions designed to assist schools with pupils who require additional support.  We work in partnership and create tailor made sessions which are responsive to the needs of each school.


Children who benefit are often experiencing a range of concerns, such as; psychological, emotional or mental health challenges; difficulty in managing and expressing emotions; hyperactivity and inattention; conduct problems and peer relationship issues.

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We operate within the school framework, developing and encouraging social and emotional literacy to support pupils develop skills for life through individualised and responsive sessions and interventions. 

Our tailored Programme of Arts Therapy sessions enables pupils to re-engage with learning, reduce confrontation and build emotional intelligence and understanding.

Many pupils may experience chaotic or distressing circumstances that result in disengagement from learning environments. We work closely with teachers to identify individual needs and develop a programme that supports pupils to thrive, by nurturing and encouraging coping skills.  

The current COVID 19 Pandemic has resulted in many schools and pupils having to adapt to a changing and disrupted learning environment.  Our practices are adaptable, safe and follow government requirements.  Our services can also offer therapeutic support  within schools, to process fearful and anxious times, and move forward, feeling supported. 

Why Arts Therapy?

Arts therapies interventions develop a nurturing relationship by creating a safe space to explore fears, discover strengths and build resilience.


Through our work in schools, pupils have experienced a range of benefits including: Feeling better equipped emotionally to deal with personal challenges, increased emotional regulation skills, and reduced anxiety and depression

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